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What you never knew, but needed to know about getting a spray tan...

June 25, 2018





We all know that baking for hours in the sun is great way to get skin cancer and premature ageing, so with this in mind a spray tan is a great alternative to the sun's harsh damaging rays.  But a bad tan can leave you looking less than bronzalicious, here are Central Coast Tan's top 5 tips that you never knew you needed to guarantee a hot looking tan this season. 


Shave 24 hours before.

It may seem like a no brainer to shave before a spray tan but shaving just prior to a tan can lead to irritation and redness.  In addition to removing unwanted hair, shaving works as an exfoliate that exposes fresh skin cells that are highly sensitive.  The pigment in spray tan formula (DHA) reacts with the sensitive cells and reacts leaving you with redness and irritations.  Play it safe and give yourself 12 to 24 hours between shaving and your spray tanning appointment.



Your spray tan is not a base tan for a sun tan.

A spray tan offers no sun protection and should not be used as a base tan.  Just cause you look tanned, does not mean you will not burn if you head out into the sun.  Make sure you use a high SPF sunscreen when heading out into the sunshine.  Having said that, you should have no need to fry yourself in the sun after a spray tan, as you will be looking so good with your fabulous natural looking bronze glow.



Make sure your spray tan salon is well ventilated.

 Inhaling spray tan product can cause safety concerns, only go to a salon that has equipment for ventilation like a tanning exhaust fan, that sucks away any overspray immediately.  Also make sure that the salon is clean and well maintained. 


Chorine ruins your tan.

Keep swim’s in a chlorinated pool to a minimum, a dip and short swim won’t ruin your tan, but spending hours on end floating round the pool will.  Chlorine, works kind of like a bleach and will strip the tan off your freshly bronzed skin. Make sure you pat (not rub) yourself dry with a towel once you get out of the pool, shower or surf.


Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise again.

It’s important to keep your skin highly moisturised.  Make sure you moisturise after every shower for tan longevity and to keep your skin supple and soft.  I recommend using a light moisturiser as heavy body butters can wear your glow off prematurely.



Never ever have a spa.

Want to get rid of a bad tan quickly?  Jump in a spa.  The same works for preserving a good spray tan.  If you want your tan to last never get in a hot spa, you may find yourself a lighter shade when you depart the water.



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